Wednesday, April 29, 2015


There seems like no better way to start this blog off then to write my first post about #myselfiescrapbook. I just joined in so have spent the past week catching up. I haven't put any pages together as of yet but I would love to share a few images with you! I love the idea of a scrapbook about me not only for myself to look back on, but my kids, especially my daughter. How cool will it be for her, when she's 27 to look at what her mom was like when SHE was 27! What she looked like, what she liked to do, who she was OUTSIDE of being a mom. I would love to see what my mom was like when she was my age!

it feels a whole lot
different to get behind the camera,
 not just a cell phone for a change. yikes!

 first week of prompts, my feet - almost always in
leggings and always painted

 favorite shirt, without a doubt my easy peasy black 
and white striped v-neck.

 get in front of the camera! 

 your hands. my hands do many things, being a mama of three 
they are usually holding a child or two or at least a hand...or a snotty kleenex (glamorous I know!)
but the one thing that my hands do just for me is create

 what you carry. Nothing to out of the ordinary, 
wallet, cell, sunnies, keys, lip balm, receipts, a tiny lotion
from a hotel in Malaysia. an emergency diaper, wipes and for
some crazy reason, a kinder surprise toy

 favorite hairstyle. Well as hairstyles go theres not a ton I do with mine. 
But I do love having my bangs in a twist or a braid.

a comparison sequence. I chose to do the different 
make-up I wear at different times. So first off of course is 
nothing (yikes) second is my "around the house" look
just simple, mascara. done. third is mascara and eyeliner, 
that would be my uptown errand look. And last is my city look
which is the whole face baby. 

I'm super stoked to get this little album started. looking back at the photos I think I have a thing for black and white stripes....Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you'll come back and check out what else I'm going to be sharing. I'm so excited about this new venture!


  1. Excellent first entry! I am proud of the woman you have become. You are an awesome mom and wife. Your family is lucky to have you.