Sunday, May 3, 2015

Happy (inter)National Scrapbooking Day!

Happy day-after (inter)National Scrapbooking Day!
I was able to complete 2 (holy cow!) of the Studio Calico challenges, the second one actual completes 2 of the challenges in one. Here's a look at my finished projects 

I used the sketch to start. Even though I loved the sketch idea, I really struggled with putting the embellishment at the bottom and journalling on the side. I knew I wanted to use that wander circle from the Lisse Street kit and that piece of leftover tab to start. I pushed the paper around for a bit, tried to find a journalling card to put on the side but nothing really worked for me. Then I put that tag on the side. And boom goes the dynamite. Perfect. From there I went to that wander circle. I punched a couple other circles and placed them. I also busted out my old scalloped 3 in 1 punch and added a few other bits. I was just going with the flow once I got the basic placement of my main pieces. A few wooden plus signs, puffy stickers and word stickers finished it up. I also typed my journalling in a column at the bottom. Here's a closer look at the details:

 You are You
For this layout I used the mood board to guide my color scheme. I stamped out my quote. I won't lie this was harder then you think. I won't admit that I stamped it out 3 times. I'm a little OCD like that. The first time the spacing wasn't even enough to fill out the left side of the page. The second time I forgot a word, tried to fit it in, but then the spacing looked weird. But since I'm really not admitting any of this really took place I'll just move on. I watercolored the letters in colors to match the mood board. And splattered it up a bit along the way. Sometimes its just so fun to be messy! I love the mint and hot pink, with the bold navy. *swoon* I layered up my photo on a few pieces of paper from the odyssey kit and the lisse street kit and a bit of tissue paper. A few  puffy hearts in that lovely visual triangle and I called it done. I really wanted the quote and water color to be the main focus. I love this picture of me and my middle boy. It really speaks to his personality and our relationship. He's so silly. I love being silly with him. He always needs his shades on outside because he hates the sun in his eyes. He's gangster like that. Everytime I see this picture I laugh, my heart feels happy and I think. Yup, he's my kid. This is us. 

And that about raps it up. Thanks for stopping by today!

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